Phone Systems

The Phone

Modern Phone systems communicate over the IP network, the same network as your PC interacts with the world. This type of a Phone is called an IP phone. Excellent improvement over phones connecting over standard analog lines. The communication is entirely digital, crystal clear, encrypted and gives us ways to connect not possible before.

During the design-proposal phase, we will choose a phone right for the job. Phones we usually use are Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom. Depending on the situation we will explain the pros and cons of every model and the task it needs to handle.


PBX – private branch exchange is the heart of your phone system. It is comprised of hardware server (can be a virtual machine ) and software running on Unix/Linux operating system. Linux OS gives this system stability and robust security. Linux is widely used in for mission-critical systems running 24/7 and has proven itself to be the best choice for a Phone system in your company.

PBX can be installed in your server room, or it can reside in the cloud. During the design phase, we will consider advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

The Service

We partner with a variety of phone service providers, and our systems will work with the majority of compatible phone companies on the market. Your phone system can be configured to operate with many vendors at once depending on the circumstances of the call your making.

Some providers have the best pricing in an area while others will be better for calls made to different parts of the world. Please take a look at the pricing of our partners below

Service Pricing


  • Unlimited extensions
  • 5,000 outbound minutes
  • 5,000 inbound minutes
  • 5 Phone Numbers


  • Unlimited extensions
  • 15,000 outbound minutes
  • 15,000 inbound minutes
  • 25 Phone Numbers


  • Unlimited extensions
  • 60,000 outbound minutes
  • 60,000 inbound minutes
  • 100 Phone Numbers

Ph: 312.513.5453