Managed IT Services & Consulting Chicago

IT Management Services, hardware, software and networking support. We will provide customized, problem-solving approach to your IT infrastructure needs. We will focus on you technology needs so you can focus on your business.

  • Windows Mac & Linux – Maintaining fast, secure productive workstations

  • Printers – Always functioning document creation centers

  • WiFi systems – Fast and reliable wireless mesh networks

  • Email – Cloud or on-premise email server systems

  • Network – Supporting the backbone of your IT infrastructure

Above are just a few areas in which we can help your business. Our everyday lives are so technology saturated and our productivity is so dependent on smooth functioning of all of them. We will make sure you get your job done without any frustration caused by technology.

Business Database Systems

You need to keep all critical operating information safe, organized and at Your fingertips. Paper copies, folders, cabinets are the past. With database systems you can have granular control on who has access to what information at any time. Looking for a file on that case you were working on last November, no problem search will find it in a blink of an eye. No more fragmented information part in my inbox some in my laptop and some on the cloud-drive. Have everything in one place customers, invoices, PO’s, projects, time-sheets  or any custom data you want.

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • Invoicing – Create Invoices without a need of any program installation

  • PO – Keep track of purchases, receipt of goods, project cost

  • Email Integrated – Send Messages, Invoices PO directly from your customer portal

  • Phone System – Integrated – Know who is on the line with one click. No more name spelling

Phone Systems

Email is great but when it comes to human interaction there is nothing like a phone conversation. You can get so much more across when you hear the reaction of the other side. When your old phone system is cutting off or a cell phone coverage is not so great in your office you need a new business phone system. Today everything pipes over the internet even the phone conversations.

  • Keep Your Number – We can port over your current phone number 

  • Unlimited Channels – Have as many extensions as you want without any additional monthly cost

  • Automatic Attendant  – Voice guided answering system to route calls accordingly

  • Database Integrated – Grabs a caller record from database so you know exactly who is calling

  • Multi Site Expandable – You have more than one office? No problem our phone systems can connect together multiple offices creating one virtual office

No need to order bunch of  lines from your local phone provider. VOIP business phone systems can support multiple conversations with multiple recipients at the same time over the same phone number over your current internet connection, no problem.

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