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Windows environment is so popular in the business setting it is almost synonymous with a business PC workstations. Years of development, improvements, innovations gives you limitless possibilities. Now with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 you can have your office workstations connected, updated, secured without breaking a sweat. We can deploy a Domain controller on your Windows Server 2016 to manage your network resources

  • Domain Controller ( management of users passwords and privileges )
  • DHCP ( dynamic management of IP addresses on your LAN )
  • DNS ( resolution of domain names for your local and internet traffic )
  • File Sharing ( have your team share files on the network securely )
  • Printer Sharing ( share multiple printers in the office from one place )
  • SQL Server ( Database server for your business intelligence applications )
  • and many more.

We can discuss your IT goals and recommend the right solution for the problem. If you rather keep your files in house no problem we can have a On-Site server deployment with all the necessary hardware and configurations for it to function flawlessly for years to come. On the other hand if you wish to have your infrastructure hosted off-site ( In The Cloud ) we can make it happen. We will point out all benefits and downfalls of both approaches the decision of yours.

Mac OS

Apple computers have seen an explosion of popularity in the last decade. We see more and more businesses using Macs as their every day drivers. We can support you if you have a single mac or a Mac only office. Mac OS is super user friendly but sometimes you might need a helping hand. Don’t hesitate to ask about support on your Apple Products. We can support

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iMac
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacPro
  • AirPort Extreme
  • and more

When deploying Mac workstations we can introduce a centralized management for your users, Macs, iPhones, iPads. We can install and configure time machine backup system for your entire local network.


Quickbooks is one of the most common accounting software platforms used by small businesses. It is very likely that you already have it installed in your company. When it comes to finances, there is no room for mistakes. We can make sure your installation is done correctly, securely. We need to make sure

  • You have backups configured
  • You have updates scheduled
  • You have a disaster recovery plan
  • Anyone who needs access has it

We can make a network installation of QuickBooks so multiple employs can work on the same file at the same time even from remote locations.


Virtualization has taken our server infrastructure over for good. When you need a new server instance you do not run to the store to get a new computer to host the server at. You create a new Virtual Machine on your Hyper-visor. It might sound very confusing and complicated at times but we can make it all manageable and at your control.

When you look at any computer and its workload it actually works in burst, and stays idling for much of its lifespan. Virtualization changes this. You can utilize much more of your processing power and save on energy and hardware costs.

Just a few well known manufacturers of virtualization software

  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • Parallels
  • Oracle

How does this work ? We take a Server and instead of installing an operating system directly on it let say Windows Server 2016 of Centos 7, we install a Hyper-visor. This acts as the operating system and builds a foundation for us to crate many Virtual Machines ( Computers ) on this one physical computer. Resources of this hardware are divided between all the VMs (Virtual Machines) created on it. So if you need a new SQL server for example you just go to your Hyper-visor dashboard and create a new VM.


Linus was seen by many as a pro only environment not user friendly “not for me”. This is not true anymore Linux operating systems are very user friendly and compatible surprising number of hardware and software solutions. If you are wondering if Linux might be for you its a perfect time to try. With Ubuntu, Centos, and many others building their graphic user interfaces to be very user friendly you do not need to know any cryptic commands to be working comfortably on a Linux Workstation.

We can discuss your needs and determine if a Linux is the way to go in your business. One thing is sure even you you will not decide to work on a Linux Workstation you will love having a Linux Server in your Server Room.

Most commonly Linux will be the perfect OS for your:

  • Phone system
  • Database System
  • File sharing Server
  • Firewall

We can support any Linux Distribution you have or want to have in your server room.

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