Low Voltage Wiring Contractor





Ethernet Cabling

We specialize in small and medium-size business wiring needs. All ethernet lines are installed according to your local code. After installation, every single line is tested to meet strict qualification criteria. If it does not, it is replaced with the one that does.

  • Cable Category – Cat5e, Cat5e-Shielded, Cat6, Cat6-Shielded

  • Qualification – 100% of connections are Qualification Tested

  • Identification – Every outlet is clearly marked with an ID#

Every outlet installed is clearly marked on both ends with its unique ID number for easy identification.

Voice Cabling

Even tho majority of today’s voice traffic travels over data networks (VOIP – Voice Over IP), running a separate line for Voice and Data gives us lots of advantages.

  • POE – Powering of devices from a centralized point

  • Speed – Both networks will work independently

  • Security – Your network will be safer and less prone for intrusion

Cabling can be done using Cat5e or Cat6 cables depending on the distances and specifications of your network.

Video Wiring

With today’s flat screen TV’s getting thinner and thinner and possibilities of installing them to fit seamlessly into your surroundings the need for video signal wiring is enormous. Having all the Set top Boxes, Cable or Satellite receivers hidden in a cabinet is the only way to go. Depending on the distance between your TV and the source of data (Cable Box.. etc) we need to make a decision what type of connection to use. Long HDMI cables usually are not the best choice and more often are not possible to use. In those situations we need to use HDMI extenders that allow us to have much greater distances between the TV and source of signal. Wiring of this type will use data cables to transmit the video signals over long distances. Additionally this type of installation will transfer not only the video signal but as well the IR signals both ways from the TV to the receiver box and back.